The ART2 partnership is made up of dynamic teams with complementary and varied skills, whose goals are to promote sustainable tourism among tourist professionals in the Mediterranean basin, but also to raise awareness among clients and institutional players to the issues involved in sustainable tourism.

The ART2 partners, who participate in the economy and the region to promote sustainable tourism, include seven French and Italian members: The Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Upper Corsica, the Corsica Tourism Agency, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Livorno, the Economy and Management department of Pisa University, the Province of Sassari, and Innolabs Srl, the Productivity Centre in Ligure.

All the partners involved have a proven experience in managing initiatives at the local, national and international level concerning the kinds of activity that are planned and in relation with the priority sectors outlined in the call for proposals.

Project Leader :

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bastia and Upper Corsica (CCI2B) :

The main aim of the CCI2B is to support and promote local businesses. The CCI2B has already set up a number of projects to support tourism establishments with the aim of giving professional validation to companies.
It has developed an innovative approach to sustainable tourism with pre-diagnosis of the overall performance of the establishments based on the four pillars of sustainable tourism: economic, social, environmental and ethical (RESPECT).

This pre-diagnosis allows us to evaluate :

  • The professionals’ awareness of sustainable tourism
  • Progress made in each category
  • The motivation to go further.

A dozen firms have already been audited using 16 criteria, 48 indicators and 71 measurements in the voluntary process initiated by the CCI2B. The CCI2B, in partnership with the ADEME CORSE (Corsica Environmental and Energy Agency), has also invested in nine companies in the department via an ECO3 project in order to advise companies about the environmental label that is best adapted to their needs and capacities through an evaluation of the establishment on criteria selected by the company owner.

Partners :

  • The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Bastia, Livorno and Genoa) have the institutional skills regarding company development and internationalisation (exports);
  • The Corsica Tourism Agency conducts projects to improve the competitivity of tourism activities in Corsica alongside and in synergy with the other offices and agencies of Corsica’s regional authorities in order to develop regional clusters in the sectors of sailing, agriculture, the environment, transport, renewable energies, innovation and technological transfer;
  • The Provincia di Sassari is a founding member of the “Local Tourism System” (a joint public-private consortium devoted to promoting tourism in the north of Sardinia, of the “Coastal Action Group” of Northern Sardinia (involving companies and territorial groups from the fishing and aquaculture sector) and of the “Local Action Group” (involving agricultural and rural companies). Through the Provincial Energy Agency it is responsible for promoting 20/20/20 policies in the public domain, and for innovation as part of the blue and green biotechnologies via the “Porto Conte Ricerche” of which it is a founding member;
  • The Economy and Management department of Pisa University carries out research and analyses, and conducts studies in sectors identified by calls for proposals. It has also developed a large number of research projects on national and international levels with its own researchers. The department has proven experience in coaching activities for the benefit of companies;
  • The Innolab Srl company, as well as supporting different European cooperation projects bearing on economic development, merging companies (Fabrica Europa, Arcipelago Mediterraneo) and encouraging the sustainable development of regions (Past), has a proven experience in developing activities in support of innovation and tourism in island contexts. Innolabs Srl manages projects as part of the 7th Framework Programme and its partnerships in the Horizon 2020 programme.