ART2 Project


Cross-border cooperation promoting sustainable tourism

 ART2 is a European project that was set up as part of the French-Italian “Maritime” 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme.
As part of its economic and social cohesion policy, the European Union has set itself a goal of harmonious regional development.
The European regional policy’s goal of territorial cooperation is financed by the ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund. The Italy-France Operational Maritime Programme was endorsed by the European Commission in 2007 and now brings together Corsica, Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region.
Cross-border cooperation, as part of the Italy-France Cross-border Maritime Cooperation Programme, has the specific aim of increasing the potential for cooperation in the area, and is focused on key themes :

  • The cross-border maritime area is an opportunity for development and for increasing the value of resources rather than an obstacle to territorial continuity and joint development.
  • Networks are essential to make the cooperation zone more competitive and attractive in the Mediterranean area.
  • Joint competitivity in the Mediterranean context, and in particular the requirement to invest in the development of sustainable tourism.


 The ambition of this 14-month programme is to innovate, organise and promote tourism of a high quality, respecting local identities and showing solidarity.
It aims to be a means to bring dynamism to the destinations, to make territories more attractive and to encourage the development of tourism and local economies thanks to sustainable tourism goals, such as increasing economic value, improving the social situation of the service-providers and tourism players, the protection and enhancement of the environment through a policy of raising environmental awareness, and the promotion of a sustainable management of the territory.

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 The ART2 partnership is made up of dynamic teams with complementary and varied skills, whose goals are to promote sustainable tourism among tourist professionals in the Mediterranean basin, but also to raise awareness among clients and institutional players to the issues involved in sustainable tourism. The ART2 partners, who participate in the economy and the region to promote sustainable tourism, include seven French and Italian members: The Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Upper Corsica, the Corsica Tourism Agency, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Livorno, the Economy and Management department of Pisa University, the Province of Sassari, and Innolabs Srl, the Productivity Centre in Ligure.

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